Life is pretty important…it’s the reason why YOU are here looking at this page!  This section covers the ways you can make your life a little bit better-managing the pressures of teenage life:

Alcohol: Binge Drinking and Underage Drinking is common amongst teens, but don’t feel like you have to follow the crowd! Learn how the drink affects your body and mind and all the legal jargon associated with alcohol in Ireland.  There is also a list of services that offer support if you are struggling with addiction.

Bullying: It’s a scary experience, here we explain the different types of bullying and how you can deal with it!

Drugs: Learn the do’s and don’t with drugs and find a range of supports if you are struggling with drug addiction.

Exercise: Mooove that body!  The importance of exercise in your life and where you can best spend your time having fun exercising!

Sleep: So important and always forgotten about.  Want top tips for sleep, then look no further than here!

Disability: Learn about different types of disabilities and find supports today!

Homelessness: It’s a problem that continues to grow in our society and we felt it was an important issue affecting young people.  See this section to learn the stats behind the faces and find services that can assist you if you are struggling.