School is a defining part of our lives. Its where we make friends and find ourselves. Here we will discuss everything and anything school related!

Exam Stress: Stressed about upcoming exams? No fear, Exam De-Stressing is found right here!  Click on all the awesome links to get into a chill zone for exams!

Study Tips: Want to learn how to study smarter? Find the top tips from students on how to get the results you want out of your exams!

Junior Certificate: It’s the first big exam you’ll take-find out all about the importance it plays in a young person’s life and what to expect from it.

Transition Year: Is it a doss year? Most certainly not! Get advice on how to get the most out of your Transition Year Experience!

Leaving Certificate: It is your last year of secondary school, make it count. Learn about the Leaving Cert, the courses you can take and the points scale.

Student Council: Want to make a difference in your school community? Join the Student Council today or find out how you can set one up!

CAO: Learn about how you get into college in Ireland through this system.

Grants: Find out about how college can be made more affordable for you!