Junior Cert is your first experience taking a state exam, and it can be very pressuring getting into the habit of studying…especially when you are studying for at least 10 subjects!! Here you’ll find testimonials from JC students, an extensive list of subject options for Junior Cert and how to survive the exams themselves.



There are 28 Junior Cert subjects in total and here they are in one big convenient list.

Irish                                        Technology
English                                   Home Economics
Mathematics                         Music
History                                   Art, Craft, Design
Geography                            Materials Technology (Wood)
Latin                                       Metalwork
Ancient Greek                      Technical Graphics
Classical Studies                  Business Studies
Hebrew Studies                   Typewriting
French                                   Environmental and Social Studies (ESS)
German                                Civic, Social and Political Education
Spanish                                 Religious Education
Italian                                    Physical Education
Science                                 Social, Personal and Health Education

Your subject choice will vary depending on what school you go to.

Helpful apps

With all these subjects to be studying you’re probably going to need some study aids. Here are some apps that claim to do just that.

  • Duolingo- Helps you study your languages and if you feel like it, if everything goes well, you might be able to study Clingon on it too.

Study Tips

Here are some great study tips!
  • Don’t compare yourself with your classmates- if they’re doing more than you you’ll feel bad if they’re doing less than you you’ll study less too.
  • Make a plan- Plan out your study schedule and don’t prioritise some subjects over others.
  • Do some exam practice- every now and then break out your exam papers rather than looking at books all day.
  • Mnemonics- they’re great for remembering stuff for example My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles being the planets from the sun outwards (Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune)
  • Group study- it’s also great., Get your friend to ask you some questions on the subject you are studying and you’re killing two birds with one stone, you’re socialising (to reduce stress) and you’re studying.










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